If you're potentially a new client... WELCOME!

Just wanted to tell you a few things before you book your first appointment with me.

  1. If it's going to damage your hair I won't be offering the service. I want my clients to leave with healthier versions of their hair than what they came in with. I don't believe in damaging my client's hair just to later convince them to buy hair masks & treatments to fix damage that didn't need to be there to begin with. So no super blonde, platinum, grey and pastel hair colors on brunette hair or hair that can't handle it. 
  2. I specialize in MEDIUM to LONG hair. This isn't because I don't like short hair, it's just what my clientele gravitated towards and after a decade of doing primarily medium to long hair it became my strength in this industry.
  3. No longer accepting new clients for just CUT or Blow-Dry only. ​ It's harder for clients to find non-toxic cruelty-free hair color then the styling products used during a haircut or blow-dry.  I'm a holistic hairstylist so I get so many people reaching out to me because they're cancer survivors or have develop allergic reactions to color that can't go to conventional salons. I do perform haircuts but they need to be with a hair coloring service.
  4. No more rainbow colors at the moment. I use organic non-toxic lightener but it's difficult to find long lasting pigments that fall under my holistic protocol.  I do offer some shades but they're more for temporary enjoyment as they tend to fade after a couple of weeks. Message me for details.
  5. If you're hateful or unkind... I'm probably not the stylist for you.  I'm a love & peace kinda gal and my business was built on kindness and being in the service of others.  I'm not "just doing hair" I'm also focusing on healing my client's hair and helping them relax but I can't perform to the level that I would like if hateful comments are being said in my chair.

Alright, so hopefully I didn't scare you off!  I made this list because I take a lot of pride in what I do.  My clients have some of the most healthy, beautiful hair you'll ever see but that's because they trusted me and sometimes allowed me to talk them out of things that weren't the best for their hair.  I absolutely love what I do and if you think we'd be a good match I'd love to meet you!

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​Josie Ragains

Organic Hair Stylist